HFB. Hello Fellow BoomNade's!

Welcome to Boomerang Grenade. We are two people a father WOMBAT33R (Matt) and son Mi St Er BE3 (KB). We love playing video games! One since 1983, the ZX Spectrum and the other from 2007, the Wii.

Boomerang Grenade :(

Boomerang Grenade was a dig at me. WOMBAT33R, Mister WOMBAT33R to some. It harks back to Battlefield 2 on PC with my clan mates =B2K=. Yes I was in a clan back in 2005. Many years later Boomerang Grenade website and its social outlets launched as a pet project for the many teamkills I have accomplished.


Social Outlets.

We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. Please do share and subscribe if you like our stuff or not!


Remember these classics?

Games, Movies, Music! We will talk about the following a lot!