Welcome game lovers!

This is Boomerang Grenade. We are three people a father WOMBAT33R (Matt), a son Mi St Er BE3 (KB) and a wohman - Midget Gem (René). We love playing video games! Although not brilliantly.

Boomerang Grenade :(

Boomerang Grenade was a dig at me. WOMBAT33R, Mister WOMBAT33R to some. It harks back to Battlefield 2 on PC with my clan mates =B2K=. Yes I was in a clan back in 2005. Many years later Boomerang Grenade website and its social outlets launched as a pet project for the many teamkills I have accomplished.


Social Outlets.

We can be found on Twitter and YouTube a with a cup of tea nearby.


Remember these classics?

Games, Movies, Music! We will talk about the following a lot!