How cool was that Project Scorpio chip (SOC) Microsoft gave to Rich of Digital Foundry?

For a number of years Phil Spencer has fronted Xbox – Don Mattrick his predecessor was quickly shown the door (with a rather grand payout) when the Xbox One original plan fell flat on it face/went down like a lead balloon. Microsoft had to do something radical and that was to promote Phil Spencer to head of Xbox. Since then policies have been reversed games cancelled and a lot of bickering between rival fans has taken place – and as long as it stays within the realms of decency, what’s wrong with some gaming banter?

We all know what happened next, Xbox One struggled against PlayStation 4 – first it was the resolution then it was the exclusives. Rumours started to swirl in 2016 that both Sony and Microsoft might be looking into a mid generation refresh consoles and wham! Sony drop PlayStation 4 Pro news and then at E3 2016 Microsoft unveil Project Scorpio via a mock-up video.

2016 turns to 2017 (the banter between fans continues) and in the meantime Microsoft invited Richard Leadbetter to speak to the engineers, the architectures and Phil Spencer himself. Project Scorpio and what’s inside the box was laid bare – Rich also went to Turn 10 Studios and spoke to the game developers regarding the porting of Forza and how it ran on Project Scorpio in just a few days – the meeting was positive.

I am excited for Project Scorpio or Xbox X as it is to be called (source Barry) and in all that excitement a few things have been over shadowed by the hardware reveal – first of all there has to be some congratulations handed out to Digital Foundry for getting such a scoop – I wonder what IGN and Gamespot thought when the decision was made to bring in Richard Leadbetter and let he and Eurogamer/Digital Foundry drop the news?

I personally really liked the momentum Microsoft gave to Richard – the chip (SOC) System On Chip encased in glass – that is one hell of a keepsake. That is the beauty of gaming there is occasionally some moments of “WOW” that is really cool.

So here it is once again well done to Eurogamer/Digital Foundry for grabbing such a scoop and here’s to all the gamer’s that will enjoy Project Scorpio or Xbox X when it drops  22/11/17.

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