What's that coming over the hill...

True 4K - and the price £££.

Posted by Matthew on 21 June, 2017

E3 has been and gone, another year of games to dissect and PR talk to fuel/fan the flames, overheat the slagging match bewteen fans of one brand of plastic and those of another. Project Scorpio is Xbox One X the name I mentioned months ago and with that I will say holy crap my source (Barry) was spot on.

From the outset Xbox One X was touted as a premium product that was being built with those gamer's who wanted that extra gloss and candy and at £450, is that a decent price? I think so when comparing it to my PC setup - the GPU alone was £200 and then you have to factor in all the rest of the parts.

There is moaning and groaning from those who have no such intentions of ever playing Xbox and only want to stir up negativity and I say to them why? What do you actually gain from your actions - a thumbs up or down on the websites you frequent.

I want to simply ask - are you (the Xbox gamer) going to be buying one? Pre-ordering once the time comes or are you waiting to see what goes.


Halo - I want to see Halo with all the bells and whistles applied - like the Gears of War overhaul that is being worked on.

I picked up a 4K TV when I bought my PS4 Pro - I wanted to see what Horizon Zero Dawn looked like and it didn't disappoint - imagine what is coming in the near future.

A good time to be a gamer - a good time to get into gaming no matter what platform you want to start with.


It's nice to have first party titles, big hitters and niche projects that are just getting started what's why I'm a gamer who negotiates my gaming adventure from varied sides, PC, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and occasionally a retro blast - ZX Spectrum, where it began for me.

Whatever you may think of Xbox One X. It bodes well for all who enjoy gaming - one company pushes another company and so on and so forth.

Now slag away at a guy who will be jumping in!