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When we feel like it - when we are not being slaughtered on the Battlefield by 13 year olds that know more about Smurfing than they do with regards to schooling.

Like this. Xbox One X - are you buying one?

WOW! You played video games back in the 80's.

Thing on a Spring, Commando, The Last Ninja and Manic Miner. The ZX Spectrum 48K + is where it began for me - 1983 when Eurythmics sang Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and the Ewoks, say no more except The Return of the Jedi.



And played video games in the 90's!

When I was not out drinking, dancing (Ride on Time) and chasing the local floozy I played the likes of DOOM, Turok and System Shock, when video games came in boxes the size of a shoebox.


Remember these classics?

Games, Movies, Music! We will talk about the following a lot!